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On 1/1/2012 12:09 PM, Gerry Quinn wrote:
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>  > > Do we really know he is drawing on a power from Urth? That is how he
>  > > interprets it, but on what evidence? He doesn’t really feel the source,
>  > > or he would not first have checked the Claw.
>  > In the quote you just snipped, Sev says he checks the Claw to see if it
>  > is glowing. It is several moments and paragraphs later (also snipped)
>  > that he does the healing and feels the thrilling mojo.
> So you’re saying that the Claw might have started to glow afterwards?


> But he does indicate that there was already a glow apparently emanating
> from his eyes.

Yes, though this is apparently the first occasion.

The sequence is:

* Sev barricades the door and windows of the sickroom, which becomes dark.

* Sev notices the room is too dark for him to see the sick man.

* Sev notices the room lightens.

* Sev notices the light moves with his eyes.

* Sev checks to see if the Claw is somehow casting the light, but it is 
still in its bag in his shirt and when he peeks at it, it is not lit at all.

* Sev chats with the sick man.

* Sev smooths out the lump as he feels the power flow up through him.

* Later, the recovered man confirms he was visited in the sickroom by a 
figure with glowing eyes.

Sev's later healing and restoration of Zama to life is similarly 
accompanied by eye-glowing and visceral sensations.

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