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Tue Feb 28 00:21:23 PST 2012

IIRC when things go to hell, the Most Low God turns and runs away. We 
see his back, so we know he was lying about the worlds being circular. 
And surely the Most Low God must always lie.

     >"I didn't detect any Judeo-Christian element except for the
    (pretty amazing) appearance of
     > Michael the Archangel."

The ending of The Wizard was as close to straight allegory (Christian 
allegory) as Wolfe gets.
As for why the connection between Alfather and Michael, well I believe 
it has to do with the fact that in Germany the chapels to St. Michael  
(that is, the angel) were built over sites of worship to Woden.

Michael consumed all the all nobel aspects of Woden (Odin, All-father). 
Or perhaps as Wolfe sees it, Michael is a *higher form* of Allfather.


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