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Fernando Gouvea wrote:

>  I would definitely start with *War in Heaven*,

Several good reasons to start here, including it's Williams's first novel.
There is a definite development of the density of his novels as they go

> The two best of his novels are, in my opinion, *Descent into Hell* and *All
> Hallows Eve*,

Not surprisingly, these are his last novels and quite dense.

> Williams' poetry is worth a look, but many people find it impenetrable.
> It's certainly old-fashioned.

If by "old-fashioned" you mean "early 20th-century modernist," I must
agree. There is a strong kinship between Williams' poetry (I refer to the
Arthurian poetry, which is all I have read) and Eliot's work. (Eliot, by
the way, praised Williams's novels and wrote an introduction to at least
one of them.)

Dan'l Danehy-Oakes
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