(urth) list of deaths in Peace?

Eric Bourland eb at hwaet.com
Mon Dec 24 15:47:16 PST 2012



I know this topic has been discussed extensively. But can someone please
point me to a list of the deaths that occur in Peace? I count these deaths:


Bobby Brown


The kid in the Tang freezer

Helen Birkhead Tyler

Professor Peacock

I am pretty sure that Lois Arbuthnot gets done-in, too - "I am afraid we
won't be seeing her again. She's moved away." (Gollancz paperback edition,
p. 211) Weer killed her at Sugar Creek, and buried her.


Basically there are bodies everywhere. Has anybody tallied a full list? Can
you point me toward a post on urth.net?

Something I have been thinking about: Weer commits the murders because he
feels . embarrassed. He bears heavily the memories of many childhood



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