(urth) Short Story 42: An Article About Hunting

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Yes - though the "damage" the bear has done is a 100 percent ironic statement - it eats rotten apples on the ground, that's it - it doesn't do ANY damage.  The damage the eco crew does is astonishing.  It could very well be something like the beasts from "Sonya, Crane Wesselman, and Kittee" (which is, I think, in the same continuity as The Hero as Werwolf") but I think these guys are so moronic across the board that it's a unique and special creature that they have categorized as a "bear."  Clearly an outright parody of the organizations questionable "conservation" techniques on every page.

Missing link, big foot, engineered animal (the story is set in the not TOO distant future of its composition and in our past, though) - whatever the case the humans in the story are idiots who don't even get the descriptions of the dogs behaviors right.

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> or have these idiots killed something special like "big foot" without even realizing it?

I certainly don't think it's your average bear and have debated that point. The bear is very man-like. The writer describes the "face" of the bear as like "the face of a man suffering from a gross deformity to the nose and jaws." I've listed other textual evidence at the URL below. I thought it might be like the human-like animals in "Sonya, Crane Wessleman and Kittee" perhaps.



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