(urth) If I already like ...

António Pedro Marques entonio at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 05:11:18 PDT 2012

David Stockhoff wrote (18-04-2012 13:00):
> On 4/18/2012 1:26 AM, pinlighter wrote:
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>>>> .. William Hope Hodgson is great background to some of Wolfe's
>>>> horror elements - I'm loving getting familiar with him. (Lovecraft
>>>> goes here too, of course.)
>> Uh, not really. Where is Hodgson's influence on Wolfe???
>> Lovecraft, yes, of course
> The extreme futurity and the giant slow-moving evil Beings from outer
> space do feel familiar. And the Redoubt is a bit like Byzantium toward
> the end, hyper-romanticized of course, and thus Nessus as well. But
> that's about all the connections I see.

You mean 'The House on the Borderland'? I don't find the themes or the
settings familiar, but there may be something about the 'tone', whatever 
that is.

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