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Wed Apr 4 14:37:32 PDT 2012

IIRC I think Samuel was used on the script merely for casting purposes
and  Jacobs brother was always gonna remain unnamed.

On 4/4/12, Lee Berman <severiansola at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>Larry Miller: As someone who is on friendly terms with one of seasons
>>4-6 writers of LOST I can assure you (and I am only going on what I was
>> told)
>>that the feud between the brothers..developed in between seasons 1 and 2...
>>And Jacobs brother name was Samuel at least in script form.
> Thanks, Larry. I do appreciate the insider information and it certainly
> gives
> me pause.  I had the unique experience of watching all 6 years of Lost in 6
> months, done after the show's finale. I think allowed me to be more in tune
> to the clues than if I had watched it on a weekly basis.
> I reported my progress to a co-worker who had already seen the finale. He
> tried
> to misdirect me to avoid spoilers but there were so many early references to
> brothers, even in the first season, that I could not be dissuaded from
> an insistence that the final revelation would have a fraternal component
> (clues
> ranging from Brothers Karamazov to the Kinks and Oasis).
> If the original name of the other brother was "Samuel", I am wondering why
> they
> decided to delete it. The name "Jacob" was given years before they ever
> showed
> him. Why keep "Samuel" unamed? For this reason I hesitate to completely
> discard
> "Esau". 		 	   		
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