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On 9/19/2011 9:52 AM, Antonin Scriabin wrote:
> Well, I finally finished /The Book of the Long Sun/.  I thought it was 
> wonderful, but I do (of course!) have a few questions.  The first is, 
> how did Quetzal get on the /Whorl/?  The inhumi are natives of Green, 
> so maybe he found some way aboard the /Whorl/ while it was in orbit?
> If so, it would seem that they were in orbit for some time, since 
> Quetzal obviously spent several years on board. 
> Also, why would he try, in his last moments, to get the settlers to go 
> to Green?  As food for other inhumi?

Wolfe explained in the Q&A (just prior to the release of On Blue's 
Waters) that Quetzal wanted a thriving colony on Green. Why? You have to 
read the books.

>   I haven't read /The Book of the Short Sun /yet, so if these 
> inhumi-related questions are answered there, just tell me to read and 
> find out :-)

There are lots of ways for the inhumi to have arrived at the Whorl. It 
would be a spoiler to detail any of them.

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