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Larry Miller decanus1284 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 17:57:37 PST 2011

Cilinia has a saints name because she is biologically human as her
father is likely Piaton or the Blonde haired man.  His fate is tied
with this blonde haired man because this is the "face" that the people
acknowledge as Monarch.  Mainframe possession is technological your
right but whose to say that Typhons race didnt possess the means to
inhabit others.  Is Mucors possession technological? No its not so
there you go.  As far as other bodies go I do believe we hear about at
least one- the mandragora which again I believe is the Prime Calcula
mentioned by Echidna when Silk asks "Did Pas ever possess anyone who
died?" in Exodus

On 11/27/11, Gerry Quinn <gerry at bindweed.com> wrote:
> From: Larry Miller
>> well of course Gerry.  But Typhon is a monster in the same way that
>> Abaia or Erebus are monsters.  As I said before if you see Typhon as
>> human thats fine.  I just trust Wolfes naming conventions and certain
>> clues that I interpreted to point towards Typhon not being human.  As
>> Ive said before Piaton is surely human and Typhons head is probably
>> human too.  But his name seems to signify alien origin.  We know that
>> possession of bodies by Typhon and his family is possible so why is it
>> hard to think that Typhon occupied other bodies before Piaton and the
>> blond haired man?
> The possession is technological, based on light pulses sent via the Sacred
> Windows.  There’s no evidence that Typhon himself can do it.  Scanning is
> the same for Silk as for Typhon / Kypris / Cilinia.
> Cilinia, his daughter, seems to be a human girl.   She even has a saint’s
> name.   Presumably Kypris is also (we don’t know her original name).
> Typhon is unique in his rapid conquest of Urth.  If he inhabited other
> bodies previously, why don’t we hear of them?
> - Gerry Quinn

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