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> > > > >We apparently disagree, but Seawrack clearly knows corpses when 
> > she sees
> > > > >them.
> > > >She knows they don’t move if you stick a fork in them. I don’t know
> > > >how you deduce she knows much more than that. She didn’t get close
> > > >enough to Horn to try him out.
> > > >There’s no evidence that she has some special corpse-identification
> > > >ability.
> >> What, because it's not listed next to her name in the character list?
> > Remember what I said about silly sarcasm? That’s an example. Tell me 
> > how you know she has that ability.

> Gerry, no sarcasm is silly if it gets an extremely stubborn person to 
> pay a tiny bit of attention. Seawrack tells us. Read the text you adore 
> so much. And by the way, YOU invented "special corpse-identification 
> ability" just to be a sarcastic prick. I make no argument for its 
> specialness---the bar is much lower than you pretend.
She tells us she has that ability?  I remember her telling us that Horn was dead, and apparently being wrong.  I don’t remember her saying she has the ability to unerringly tell when somebody is dead, from twenty feet.  
I wasn’t being sarcastic when I referred to a ‘special corpse-identification ability’.  I was paraphrasing your assertion that  she “clearly knows corpses when she sees them” in the context of the situation in which she supposedly knew (and was, at least ostensibly, proved completely wrong).

> > > >> > You've been going on about Faerie. Everyone agrees they like trees
> > > >> > (Mark thinks they ARE trees). The Neighbours seem to live in an
> > > >> > adjacent dimension. They have eight limbs. Is your question 
> > serious?
> > >
> > >> > Where is the evidence that people who hang with fairies like 
> > trees, see
> > >> > other dimensions, and feel like limbs are missing? The page numbers
> > >> > don't need to be in BSS. I have read about Faerie from age 7 through
> > >> > graduate school and these are not familiar to me. Show me.
> > >> Who cares about fairies? We’re talking about Neighbours, not fairies.
> > >> Maybe they have some things in common, but we only know those from our
> > >> knowledge of the Neighbours anyway. The trees, the other dimensions,
> > >> the extra limbs – these are Neighbour associations. You think Horn has
> > >> acquired a Neighbour soul – you’d expect any changes in his psyche to
> > >> fit with what we know of Neighbours.
> > >> And the changes don’t seem to fit fairies much anyway, if it matters.
> > >You've completely backed away abandoned any pretense of discussion on
> > >that point. You've left all questions unanswered and just repeat
> > >yourself. You know nothing of the Neighbors.

> > You’re making yourself look silly now. It’s one thing to say the 
> > Neighbours have some Faerie-like aspects. It’s another to refuse to 
> > discuss them unless I pretend they are not Neighbours but fairies.

> YOU are refusing to discuss the text. As usual. Because you have no idea 
> how X can "be" Y and yet not "be" Y in a work of fiction. I can't help 
> you there.

You are really getting off on Lee’s latest mantra about how two plus two can really be five.  There are Neighbours in the books, not fairies.  If they share certain characteristics with fairies like interdimensionality and an affinity for trees, well and good.  I’ll discuss those characteristics in context.  I will also mention characteristics they don’t share with most fairies, like having eight limbs (yes, there are probably some eight-legged goblins in legend somewhere, but does that get us anywhere?:).

Very well then.  Fairies have wings.  Horn doesn’t feel he is missing his wings either.

>> > > Wasn’t that much later, after further encounters with the Neighbours?
> > >> [And he was trailblazing through Blue, not Faerie. There are no
>> >> indications he ever went to Faerie. That applies to the Neighbours’
> > > > dimension too, which may be analogous in some ways to Faerie but does
> > > > not appear identical.]
> > > We've already learned you know nothing of Faerie.
> > Where did we learn that? And if it were true, why would it matter?

> Books, books, books, my friend. Read them and come back to the 
> discussion you have fled because the big kids are using concepts you 
> don't understand.

The only word that has any application there is “kids”.

- Gerry Quinn

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