(urth) Like a good Neighbor

Gerry Quinn gerry at bindweed.com
Sun Nov 20 06:48:18 PST 2011

From: James Wynn 

> Perhaps [Mucor’s] astral powers are not spiritual as the Neighbors are but 
> only mental. She finds physical souls (mental patterns). She can find 
> Silk's. She knows that Horn's is in the Neighbor because of her previous 
> experiences with the Neighbor.

She sees Quetzal as ‘the man who isn’t there’.  And she sees Silk as ‘filled’ during her exorcism, where everyone else looks hollow.  Don’t know how those fit, but just noting it.  It would be interesting to know how she sees chems, but I don’t think we are told.

I guess it may be something Wolfe has decided to leave a little vague anyway.  I’m not sure there is a super-consistent model to find.

- Gerry Quinn 
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