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> > Seems to me that whereas spirit, mind, and body are
> clear divisions
> I'm not so sure they are and this appears to be a definite
> interest for Wolfe.
> When a person suffers a stroke his personality sometimes
> changes. What will heaven be like when we leave our physical
> memories behind (remember Wolfe is not a materialist). Some
> people claim to remember former lives. How does that work?
> Wolfe is having the Narrator remember but not remember.
> And as I said, Wolfe is investigating the Incarnation here.
> And he's not all that sure about it himself. Orthodox
> theology rejects the idea of Christ as God "hiding out" in a
> human body because it makes the scene at Lazarus's tomb and
> his prayer at Gethsemane and his "My God, my God" statement
> just theater. And yet you have that foreshadowing of Horn's
> childhood with the puppet...and that's just the opposite. I
> think it is a mistake to think that just because Wolfe
> writes novels investigating identity that he has this idea
> in his mind of how it works.

As far as the puppet toy, any chance that toy was really Silk's?

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