(urth) vanished people=Hieros

António Pedro Marques entonio at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 04:01:23 PST 2011

Marc Aramini wrote (08-11-2011 03:42):
> What makes them similar is really how the narrator says they remind him
> of each other. There are probably more parallels.  Keep in mind I do
> think the narrator is confused about who and where he is, and this
> refusal to recognize is thematically tied to his refusla to acknowledge
> himself as Silk and the irony of Horn's statement, "Silk would never lie
> to himself as I have" [paraphrased]

Nessus is of cyclopean size, but it has 'moved' along time. The abandoned 
parts, iiuc, largely crumble to pieces after a while. The underground, iiuc, 
is made of layers upon layers of ancient buildings.

We don't know the size of the City of the Inhumi, other than it's large and 
it's got some standing towers.

They look similar because both are large cities, in fact the only proper 
planetary 'modern' cities the narrator knows. You can certainly say a 
relationship between them is possible, but from there to a pretty good 
mapping there's a distance. These are just not enough data.

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