(urth) grumble at wolfe comment made attached to guardianarticle

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I knew John Cage....used to go Mushroom hunting with he and merce cunningham....the prepared piano pieces?? Hauntingly beautiful when played by someone who knows what they are doing...imho
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>> PS: As an aside, I recall someone who frequently writes for "genre" 
>> while maintaining the respect of "literary" markets.  I recently read 
>> Neil Gaiman's (ed.) "Stories" anthology and have decided that if I 
>> never read another Joyce Carol Oats story, that will probably be just 
>> fine.
> Perhaps, but _Mysteries of Winterthurn_ and _A Bloodsmoor Romance_ are 
> great SF novels, the latter is pretty well steampunk. My only 
> remaining specific memory of _ABR_: officials think an electric bed 
> sounds too comfortable a method of execution, and refuse to buy it.

I'll accept your opinion of her novels. I really only know her from her 
short stories..genre and literary. I recognize her technical ability, 
but I consistently have walked away from her stories feeling unbuzzed. 
It's like listening to a John Cage symphony.  "Fossil-Figures" was just 
the final straw.

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