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Man Lee, put Re: in your subject headers already. There is SURELY a pref in your program.

On Feb 3, 2011, at 12:20 AM, Lee Berman <severiansola at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> "Increate" means "not created". "Pancreator" means "creator of all". It 
>> seems logically inconsistent that these could be separate persons.
> Well, I am only a novice in these areas, but my understanding among those who believe in
> separate beings is that God/Increate is a being of pure spirit while the Demiurge created
> all the material things we see. Maybe God created the raw material but the demiurge shaped
> it? I dunno. 

I need to go back and see where Demiurge is used. IIRC it is something Thecla says. Anyone else?

Demiurgos is a false or half creator.
So,  in a Gnostic worldview, YHVH is a entity distinctly separate from the Godhead.  That is, there is a true, uncreated prime mover, but that isn't the god of Abraham.  The Demiurgos is deluded, thinking itself the most-high, but it is the living abortion of Sophia.  This is a problematic heresy from the official view, of course, because, then "who the F is YHVH and how did he dupe us?". But gnostics then have the Logos issuing from the true Godhead as a saviour for those trapped in the demiurge's creation.

So, when a character uses Demiurge, they most likey do NOT mean to equate it with Pancreator or Increate, because, theologically, if one uses the term, it implies understanding the difference in ontological levels.

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