(urth) Geography of the Whorl

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The Whorl always struck me as a kind of Tower of Babel. Does that fit?

It's a monument to human ego, a "message" to the universe about human 
greatness, AND a kind of human cultural zoo.

On 4/22/2011 7:36 PM, Gerry Quinn wrote:
> From: "James Wynn" <crushtv at gmail.com>
>> I'm pretty sure that Viron's culture is South American--presumably 
>> that of the Commonwealth. The "ball game" is based on the Nahuatl 
>> game. It's an analogous Catholic culture.
>> Still, that doesn't mean that Viron couldn't be based on Jerusalem of 
>> course.
> I agree that it is plausibly South American, though I'm not terribly 
> convinced by the above points.  The Commonwealth did not exist when 
> the Whorl was launched, and the Whorl contains elements from numerous 
> cultures (e.g. an Indian culture which provided the forebears of 
> Gaon).  The religion of the Whorl is allegedly a parody of the state 
> religion of Typhon's time, which would have been worldwide - and 
> anyway the Catholic religion is hardly confined to South America .  
> The ballgame is not specifically the aforementioned game, in which 
> catching the ball in one's hand is illegal, though it has elements of it.
> On the other hand, the coloration of the people fits, and Mamelta had 
> a pet parrot named Chiquita.
> - Gerry Quinn
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