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Thu Sep 16 12:29:47 PDT 2010

Hi all, I just joined this list and I'm reading through it kind of like
Horn's narration in Book of the Short Sun - I'm alternatingly/simultaneously
back in the 90s reading the first discussion on the Catholic (or not) nature
of Long Sun as well as the up to date recent discussions on the religions of
the Whorl (or not), Patera Pike's ghost (or not), and Oreb's 'good fishing'
refrain (or not - I think it was Daisy too, for the record).

Anyway, I wanted to let people know of my Gene Wolfe blog ('The Silk & Horn
Heresy') where I discuss his works at length - mainly the Solar Cycle so
far.  The latest is from a few days ago with the same title as this email's

It's great to listen in and I shall join the discussion in due course.
Thanks all,

Daniel Otto Jack Petersen
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