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A link would be nice?

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 12:29 PM, Daniel Petersen
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> Hi all, I just joined this list and I'm reading through it kind of like
> Horn's narration in Book of the Short Sun - I'm alternatingly/simultaneously
> back in the 90s reading the first discussion on the Catholic (or not) nature
> of Long Sun as well as the up to date recent discussions on the religions of
> the Whorl (or not), Patera Pike's ghost (or not), and Oreb's 'good fishing'
> refrain (or not - I think it was Daisy too, for the record).
> Anyway, I wanted to let people know of my Gene Wolfe blog ('The Silk & Horn
> Heresy') where I discuss his works at length - mainly the Solar Cycle so
> far.  The latest is from a few days ago with the same title as this email's
> subject.
> It's great to listen in and I shall join the discussion in due course.
> Thanks all,
> Daniel Otto Jack Petersen
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