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"The Wolfean Oracle Speaks"

An interview by Michael Andre-Driussi:

4. Was what Silk saw in the manteion Pike's ghost, or an aquastor, or what?
-- It was seen in the manse, not the manteion; it wasn't machine made. [DRL:
See question 27.]

27. Is Pike's ghost really Quetzal? -- No. [DRL: Which blandly leaves the
possibility that the `ghost' might still be another of the alien inhumi....
See question 4; also, below.]

I don't have the date of this interview or where it was conducted.

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 10:29 AM, James Wynn <crushtv at gmail.com> wrote:

>  :
>> Dave Tallman -
>>> 3) Wolfe in the Q+A session didn't ever say it was a real ghost.
>>> He said it wasn't machine generated and it wasn't Quetzal in
>>> disguise. That's all. If he was ever more definite in another
>>> interview I'd like to see the citation. Even if he was it
>>> could still fir Silk/Rajan.
>> Roy -
>> It has long been my belief that Wolfe said Pike in the manse was a ghost,
>> and I know I'm not the only one with that impression. If he didn't state
>> so
>> expressly elsewhere, this is the best I can do to reconstruct the belief.
>> At
>> the time of the Q&A, the SS concept of astral travel was unknown to us.
>> Given the way the first Pike question was phrased, when Wolfe's answer
>> eliminated an aquastor and the answer to the second Pike question
>> eliminated
>> Quetzal, a ghost was what was left. Sorry, but that's the best I can come
>> up
>> with.
> I do remember -or imagine I remember- an interview in which someone tried
> to pin Wolfe down about Pike's ghost. As I remember it, they asked was
> Pike's ghost a real ghost or what and Wolfe replied "It was a real ghost."
> But I cannot find that interview by googling. Given that, perhaps we should
> accept, for the sake of argument, it that it he never said it. If we accept
> that Wolfe only said "It was not machine-made" it seriously under-cuts the
> assessment that it was a Gothic ghost, IMO. Because that is a very occult
> response.
> But even if he DID say it, it is still obvious to me that "real" or not, it
> was not a Gothic ghost. Only Terry Pratchet or Robert Asprin would write a
> scene that way with an old-fashioned ghost.
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