(urth) The face of Pas

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 07:29:42 PDT 2010

>> Dave Tallman -
>> 3) Wolfe in the Q+A session didn't ever say it was a real ghost.
>> He said it wasn't machine generated and it wasn't Quetzal in
>> disguise. That's all. If he was ever more definite in another
>> interview I'd like to see the citation. Even if he was it
>> could still fir Silk/Rajan.
> Roy -
> It has long been my belief that Wolfe said Pike in the manse was a ghost,
> and I know I'm not the only one with that impression. If he didn't state so
> expressly elsewhere, this is the best I can do to reconstruct the belief. At
> the time of the Q&A, the SS concept of astral travel was unknown to us.
> Given the way the first Pike question was phrased, when Wolfe's answer
> eliminated an aquastor and the answer to the second Pike question eliminated
> Quetzal, a ghost was what was left. Sorry, but that's the best I can come up
> with.

I do remember -or imagine I remember- an interview in which someone 
tried to pin Wolfe down about Pike's ghost. As I remember it, they asked 
was Pike's ghost a real ghost or what and Wolfe replied "It was a real 
ghost." But I cannot find that interview by googling. Given that, 
perhaps we should accept, for the sake of argument, it that it he never 
said it. If we accept that Wolfe only said "It was not machine-made" it 
seriously under-cuts the assessment that it was a Gothic ghost, IMO. 
Because that is a very occult response.

But even if he DID say it, it is still obvious to me that "real" or not, 
it was not a Gothic ghost. Only Terry Pratchet or Robert Asprin would 
write a scene that way with an old-fashioned ghost.


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