(urth) The face of Pas

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 09:40:17 PDT 2010

> Gerry Quinn--It seems probable to me that Pas has failed to fully 
> ressurect, and Silk is needed to replace some significant part of him. 

That seems to be the implication based on the analogous situation with 
Scylla. Pas was wiped from the Mainframe. Fragments of him survived in 
Patera Jerboa, and IMO Oreb and Sand. But these were not sufficient for 
him to perform his required operations in Mainframe. That Silk was seen 
as an important viable supplement to Pas is one of the bigger hints that 
he is a clone of Typhon.

What the technicians could not have anticipated was that their clone 
would have been enlightened by the Outsider. Thus, in a sense, the 
Outsider has become Pas.


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