(urth) The face of Pas

Gerry Quinn gerryq at indigo.ie
Tue Sep 14 07:57:28 PDT 2010

From: "Roy C. Lackey" <rclackey at stic.net>

> I also think it was probably Piaton's head she had replaced with Silk's.
> Even so, since Kypris was trying to connect Silk with Pas, if she showed 
> him
> their two heads and he recognized only one of them as his own, it is 
> easier
> for me to believe that was because the Pas head didn't really look like
> Silk. Typhon's obsession with his own face suggests that his Pas image
> would have been the same as it had been when scanned, as the fact that
> Piaton's idiot head remained part of the digitized image of Pas 
> reinforces.

It's worth noting that the *significance* of the two heads may be different 
in the case of digitised Pas, compared to biological Typhon.

Granted, in one vision we see Piaton struggling for breath.  But elsewhere 
Silk thinks of two heads as being a sign of wisdom, universality, or some 
such - he thinks of the Outsider as having two or more voices.  Now Kypris 
is not Silk, but she could have been suggesting some such idea.

It seems probable to me that Pas has failed to fully ressurect, and Silk is 
needed to replace some significant part of him.

- Gerry Quinn


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