(urth) Names on the Whorl

Dave Tallman davetallman at msn.com
Wed Sep 8 07:02:15 PDT 2010

Gerry Quin wrote:

He grew up with the name Blood, and it's hard to see where else he
couild have got it.

Rose/Marble always calls him this, even in formal situations like
introducing him to the crowd when he came with a sacrifice. I think
that's the real name she gave him. The description of the bloody
C-section birth is on p. 111 of CotLS. When she saw the baby all
bloody from the operation she gave him that name.

> On a tangent, I wonder why Viron has this naming system, while all the other towns don't?

In EftLS, p. 380, Silk points out the natural barriers between towns
and suggests they were put there to keep the people from uniting
against the Mainframe. I think the different town cultures and naming
quirks were artificially established for the same reason. It's a bit
like the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis.
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