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  Did she actually call him "Bloody"? I thought that was just her pet name for him.

He grew up with the name Blood, and it's hard to see where else he couild have got it.
  On a tangent, I wonder why Viron has this naming system, while all the other towns don't? 
  Modulo the issue of what's being translated as against reported, the other towns have naming conventions which look like they come from Urth.
  (Including white-bread Anglo names, in the case of two of the mercenaries in SS.)
  Are we to assume that Urth had a region with the Vironese conventions? Is there anywhere like that in the real world? 
There are other regions with unique conventions, though - for example the Fliers have Gaelic names - and several clearly relate to function: Sciathan (a wing), Aer (air), Iolar (an eagle).  Maybe more, I don't recall others offhand.

- Gerry Quinn

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