(urth) Grand Unified Theory

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Fri Sep 3 10:55:29 PDT 2010

Lee Berman quoted and wrote:
> > Where does presumed kinship between characters based on name
> >associations stop? Where does it start, and how do you decide which are
> >relevant and which are not?
> Seems to be an individual decision. I find Horn, Sinew, Hoof and Hide
> associated as inedible beef products and family members to find
significance in
> their names.

Good for you. Beef? Last time I checked, Santa's reindeer had horns, sinews,
hooves and hides. Then there are so many more animals, like goats and
buffalo and I guess I should be thankful, right down to the Marrow in my
bones, that Bison couldn't fly, whether or not he has a Smoothbone. Hey,
maybe Horn's mother was Marrow's mistress and Horn was really his son, not
Smoothbone's, which would of course put the symbolic horns of a cuckold on
Smoothbone, so everything works out okay and they are all connected. After
all, Smoothbone fathered a son by his second wife, and the son was named,
you guessed it, Stag. Perfect! Should I stop now? Just imagine where I could
take this if my imagination wern't so impoverished.

>Seems silly
> to dismiss all possibility of a connection just because you don't see it
right away.

And it's worse than silly to cherry-pick the connections you like and ignore
those you don't.


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