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Thu Sep 2 21:57:30 PDT 2010

David Stockhoff writes:

Well done. Are there any characters named Spider?

There is indeed. He's a spy-catcher for Potto and he has a big role in
EftLS. He even has a guest/ghost appearance in a dream in RttW. There might
be a significant connection to Silk somehow.

But since silk is an animal product, Chenille can't be named for a
fabric derived from it. It has to be cotton that she is named for, not
silk or wool. And I'm sure it's been noticed that corn has silk too,
but plants are female, so that meaning is ruled out for Silk. I
suppose that a chem could be named Chenille too---the rayon kind.

It seems to be a family decision in some cases to give children names
that fit with their relatives. To me, Tussah (silkworm), Silk, and
Chenille are too well matched to be coincidence. This was probably a
parental decision.
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