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  I don't see why "mannish" fits. A lioness is not mannish. But I think 
of her as having a warrior's body, not quite a runner's and not quite a 

The warrior mermaid of Warsaw is not "mannish." (speaking of breasts, 
heh heh)

On 9/1/2010 3:00 PM, James Wynn wrote:
>> Roy - As used in the text, virago is not about size.
> Why do you say that? Chenille is certainly a big woman.
> "Ignoring him, Blood pointed to the still form beneath the sheet. 
> "Somebody get that out of sight. You there. Chenille. You're
> plenty big enough. Pick her up and carry her to her room."
> [snip]
> "Eventually, I'd like a talk with Chenille as well. She's the tall 
> woman with the fiery hair, isn't it? Chenille?""
> Nightside, chap 10
> And Horn says,
> "Like Chenille. She's got that red hair, but
> it's dyed. Underneath her hair's dark, I think. Your eyes are blue, but
> hers are brown, and like you said she's real big and strong. You're
> tall and pretty strong, but..."
> "You need not proceed, Horn, if it embarrasses you."
> "What I mean is she'd be a lot like Auk if she was a man. You'd
> be a better runner, but--but..."
> Exodus, chap 15
> Based on what Horn says, about her not having a runner's body, I 
> presume Chenille is not a "thin" tall woman.
> It seems to suggest that perhaps Silk looks skinny next to her. 
> Mannish would be the right word, I think.
> Auk's men would like to see her naked, I think, because she has very 
> large breasts.
> u+16b9
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