(urth) Grand Unified Theory

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 11:37:09 PDT 2010

> Roy - Loris said that Chenille's mother, the gardener's wife, had been a virago.
> Quetzal agreed and said that "She was the type he [Tussah] admired, and he
> was the type she did." (EXODUS, 269) That's where Chenille got her body
> type.
> If Tussah was a clone of Typhon, where did he get his penchant for viragos?
> Typhon's mistress, personified on the_Whorl_  as the computer entity Kypris,
> is a veritable Aphrodite, the very essence of things womanly and not in the
> least a virago.

I'm not sure I see how this is evidence of anything. There are any 
number of causes and reasons that Tussah -- who grew up under conditions 
far different from Typhon -- would have a preference for viragos -- 
presuming a body type for sexual purposes was what is meant by 
"admired". This is a hint of something, yes, but I doubt it is intended 
to negate his potential as a clone of Typhon. This line is a total 
throw-away for the subject Quetzal is talking about. One would /presume/ 
that if Tussah was carrying on with a married woman, she would be of a 
type he liked. What Quetzal was getting at regarding the type Tussah 
admired and the type Chenille's mother did, I have no I idea. That is 
the really interesting question.

Incidentally, I was looking for a reference late last night, and came 
upon Silk's encounter with Remora and Xiphias at Thelxiepeia's Mirror. 
He is having an in depth conversation with the two of them when suddenly 
Hyacinth shows up. Suddenly, it's as though Remora and Xiphias vanished 
into smoke.

"Where did they go?" he asked.
"Was--somebody--else here?" She gasped for breath and smiled,
giving him sweeter pain than he had ever known.
"His Eminence and a fencing master." Silk felt that he should look
around him, but would not take his eyes from hers.
"They must have done the polite thing," she kissed him again, "and
left quietly."
He nodded, unable to speak.
(Calde, chap 7, p 278)

Anyone have a theory about what happened here? Does anyone believe that 
R and X were so sensitive to sweet moment of a trist between a whore and 
an augur/revolutionary that they would just quietly melt into the weeds 
before she saw them?


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