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Wed Sep 1 10:11:43 PDT 2010

Roy C. Lackey wrote (01-09-2010 17:49):
> Dave Tallman quoted and wrote:
>> What does Chenille being the natural daughter of Tussah have to do
>> with Silk's reflexes? Silk's biological father was the blue-eyed guy
>> Silk saw in his vision of Mainframe heaven. Chenille is Silk's sister
>> only in the sense that Tussah was both his unacknowledged foster
>> father and her unacknowledged natural father.
>> I'm assuming that Tussah had Typhon-clone genes and that he also had
>> his own stash of frozen Typhon embryos, so that he could be sure of a
>> strong heir. Chenille and Silk should have a genetic relationship in
>> this case.
> This is straying from the subject of this thread, but I want to follow up on
> what I said in my reply to the earlier iteration of this post.
> Loris said that Chenille's mother, the gardener's wife, had been a virago.
> Quetzal agreed and said that "She was the type he [Tussah] admired, and he
> was the type she did." (EXODUS, 269) That's where Chenille got her body
> type.
> If Tussah was a clone of Typhon, where did he get his penchant for viragos?
> Typhon's mistress, personified on the _Whorl_ as the computer entity Kypris,
> is a veritable Aphrodite, the very essence of things womanly and not in the
> least a virago.

You're reading 'manliness' in Chenille's description where I think the text 
only means size. Don't forget Chenille was the kind of woman Horn and his 
mates would have loved to see naked.
(Granted, petiteness is sometimes associated with womanliness, but not synonym.)

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