(urth) Grand Unified Theory

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Wed Sep 1 09:49:32 PDT 2010

Dave Tallman quoted and wrote:
> What does Chenille being the natural daughter of Tussah have to do
> with Silk's reflexes? Silk's biological father was the blue-eyed guy
> Silk saw in his vision of Mainframe heaven. Chenille is Silk's sister
> only in the sense that Tussah was both his unacknowledged foster
> father and her unacknowledged natural father.
> I'm assuming that Tussah had Typhon-clone genes and that he also had
> his own stash of frozen Typhon embryos, so that he could be sure of a
> strong heir. Chenille and Silk should have a genetic relationship in
> this case.

This is straying from the subject of this thread, but I want to follow up on
what I said in my reply to the earlier iteration of this post.

Loris said that Chenille's mother, the gardener's wife, had been a virago.
Quetzal agreed and said that "She was the type he [Tussah] admired, and he
was the type she did." (EXODUS, 269) That's where Chenille got her body

If Tussah was a clone of Typhon, where did he get his penchant for viragos?
Typhon's mistress, personified on the _Whorl_ as the computer entity Kypris,
is a veritable Aphrodite, the very essence of things womanly and not in the
least a virago.


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