(urth) Hyacinth and Seawrack

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James Wynn wrote:

I'm pretty sure that is not the only time the Rajan confuses Hy with
Seawrack. I couldn't tell you exactly where. I thought there was a
time where he talks about Hyacinth singing.

There is, in IGJ, p. 121. "Here I stopped to listen, for I heard
Hyacinth singing to her waves."

I believe this is more about the Narrator's identity confusion than
any real identification of Hyacinth with Seawrack. He exchanges one
love for another because he is really two men. A similar mistake is
when he addresses one of his sons as "Horn" in the last book.

The following quote shows how his memories of the women are doubled:
IGJ p. 170: "I am going to pray and go to bed and (if I cannot sleep)
daydream about the first time I lay with Seawrack on the clumsy little
sloop I built with my own hands, and loved so much, and of lying with
Hyacinth, too, in Ermine's on the night of our marriage."
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