(urth) Hyacinth and Seawrack

António Pedro Marques entonio at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 09:20:17 PDT 2010

James Wynn wrote (21-10-2010 16:42):
> Lee Berman-
>> Am I missing some some real world (within the story) way that Seawrack
>> and Hyacinth can be connected in the way that Silk and Horn are connected?
> I'm pretty sure that is not the only time the Rajan confuses Hy with
> Seawrack. I couldn't tell you exactly where. I thought there was a time
> where he talks about Hyacinth singing.

There is (but don't ask me where). Hyacinth is the woman Silk ever found 
more attractive, and Seawrack is the woman Horn ever found more attractive. 
It's only natural that the Silk in Horn would sometimes make the latter mix 
up the names of the two. My grandmother quite often refers to my grandfather 
(which I've never met) as 'your father' while talking to me about old 
recollections and doesn't notice it at all, she's clearly uncounsciously 
positioning me at the son (which she never even had) level in those situations.

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