(urth) Hyacinth and Seawrack

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 08:42:45 PDT 2010

> Lee Berman-
> I've been reading Return to the Whorl and had a question. I think it is
> for James Wynn. Wasn't it you who suggested some sort of connection or
> shared identity between Hyacinth and Seawrack? I tried looking/searching
> but couldn't find the post.
> I thought of it because I ran across a section where Horn is describing
> to Vadsig how he and Maytera Mint and Patera Silk and Seawrack overthrew
> the Ayuntamiento.
> If the inclusion of Seawrack was an auctorial error I'd find that pretty
> interesting, as I am more interested than most in the autobiographical
> aspects of Gene Wolfe's work.
> More likely it is an example of unreliable narrator error I suppose. As
> such my first interpretation would be that the error occurs due to
> relationship parallels. Horn's paramour is Seawrack. Pas/Typhon's paramour is
> Kypris. Silk and Hyacinth, possessing aspects of the gods, provide the bridge
> between these two pairs, thus Seawrack and Hyacinth are confused.
> Am I missing some some real world (within the story) way that Seawrack and
> Hyacinth can be connected in the way that Silk and Horn are connected?

I'm pretty sure that is not the only time the Rajan confuses Hy with 
Seawrack. I couldn't tell you exactly where. I thought there was a time 
where he talks about Hyacinth singing.


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