(urth) Where Judas lost his boots

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>Antonio P. Marques- Incanto (I think) calls Jahlee 'Judastree' in Sinew's 

> Hm..I admit you've lost me. Cercis siliquastrum is a small tree found in the 
> East and S. Europe. I assume it got its name from Mr. Iscariot's place of 

Legend has it that the tree had white flowers, but blushed when J. I. hanged 
himself on it (saying, according to a reliable source, "When he's cold and dead, 
will he let me be?  Does he love me too?  Does he care for me?"), which is why 
it has pink flowers now.

> Possible to get help in explaining how it relates to Jahlee or boots? Related 
>to Horn 
> calling "#%&#@#@" as Seawrack?

I think it relates to how Incanto feels about Jahlee's trustworthiness, anyway.

Jerry Friedman

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