(urth) Wind god

Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 3 06:42:36 PDT 2010

Still pecking through RttW and finding interesting revelations. 
One thing I find striking are the numerous mentions of Typhon/Pas as
a god of winds. Why are we hit over the head so hard with this when the
connection wasn't addressed at all in the previous five books of the Long/Short
Sun series? (unless we count the hot, drought winds plaguing the Whorl during
Silk's ascendence).
I wonder if Wolfe might have treated RttW a bit like UotNS: some extra help on 
understanding some of the more impenetrable mysteries of the previous books. I 
can see more support for James' Typhon-as-Spring Wind theory here. Plus more
full support for seeing BotNS Typhon as mythological (Greek and Egyptian) allegory 
not just a guy with multiple heads. I guess it might also support my idea that Pas' 
name is derived from wind demon Pazuzu rather than just Pan. 
Moreover in current research, I'm finding more religious connection between Pan and 
demons than I was previously aware of. Others more versed in religion might have been 
very familiar but I'm finding some interesting associations in regard to the full Sun
series. More on that later. 		 	   		  

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