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Stanislaus B. sbocian at poczta.fm
Mon Nov 8 12:55:54 PST 2010

I suggest reading Dumezil, especially on Varuna-type gods including 
Odin, and their servant creatures/people, such as luperci, centaurs and 
Gandharvas. Without Dumezil Pan etc is imposssible to understand. 
Compare Russian theories on Veles - the insufficient treatment of Slavic 
mytholody caused Dumezil to miss many clues. Remember that Veles was 
Christianized as Devil, St Nicholaus and St Cassian - depending on his 
negative/positive aspect. Also see this:


2010-11-03 14:42, Lee Berman wrote:
> Moreover in current research, I'm finding more religious connection between Pan and
> demons than I was previously aware of. Others more versed in religion might have been
> very familiar but I'm finding some interesting associations in regard to the full Sun
> series. More on that later. 		 	   		
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