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James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 13:31:59 PDT 2010

> António Pedro Marques-
> Everyone's entitled to their opinions. Not to their facts. If the word
> 'green' isn't there, it isn't there, and repeatedly discussing why it 
> *is*
> there is inconsiderate. 

Only a aspergers-debilitated geek would be interested in policing what 
is a "fact" from what is an alternate reading from what is an error 
based on another posters erroneous reading popularly bandied about. It's 
fine to correct someone on the facts when you think you have noted an 
error. But if you go the step further and ascribe malicious motives or 
categorize the person's perceived error as "this is what you always do", 
I'm going to read you as a jerk.


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