(urth) SINGLE Gene Wolfe literature universe?

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Mon May 10 14:31:18 PDT 2010

I don't see how it's unoriginal for Wolfe to set his works in the same
universe if indeed that's what he did. It's not as if he's copying other
writers if the Book of the New Sun and Soldier of the Mist, Soldier of
Arete, and Soldier of Sidon all take place in the same universe at different

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Jeff Wilson <jwilson at io.com> wrote:

>  > Urthers,
> >
> > Has anyone come up with/discussed the idea that most (if not ALL) Gene
> > Wolfe's stories occur in same universe?  That all his
> > stories/novels/novellas etc. are just points on the same timeline?  There
> > are so many instances of coincidence and synchronicity, similar
> > names, "guess appearances" and the like that that's my interpretation of
> > how all these works interrelate(because they do.)
> I like to think that GW is a bit more original than that. There are also
> several multi-world structures in his existing works that seem
> incompatible like the Yesod-Briah-Abbadon stack in BOTNS vs THE WIZARD
> KNIGHT's seven-high pile vs the side-by-side arrangement of THERE ARE
> DOORS. Then there are the obsoleted dystopian stories like "Paul's
> Treehouse" and "How The Whip Came Back" - well, I suppose that "Whip"
> could still happen.
> Best,
> Jeff
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