(urth) SINGLE Gene Wolfe literature universe?

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As I recall, there's an online interview where he addressed this, saying that, in his mind, they weren't all connected, except for the obvious Sun books. I think it may have been specifically about the planets in Fifth Head and Short Sun, where he said they weren't the same and weren't even the in same universe. I specifically remember him saying that they weren't the same planets, but not the bigger point. (Someone with better memory of his interviews could probably provide a link more easily than I could.)

But who knows...maybe given Father Inire's mirrors and the murkiness of time travel and parallel universe speculation, why not? (But perhaps it becomes meaningless at this point since everything is in the same "universe" or "multi-verse" with infinite parallel universes, right?)

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Has anyone come up with/discussed the idea that most (if not ALL) Gene Wolfe's stories occur in same universe?  That all his stories/novels/novellas etc. are just points on the same timeline?  There are so many instances of coincidence and synchronicity, similar names, "guess appearances" and the like that that's my interpretation of how all these works interrelate(because they do.)

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