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James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 09:33:14 PDT 2010

> My kid is negative 3 months and I'm already looking forward to reading
> through this list with him. Is it too early to build up the library?


Some recomendations based on lessons learned:

1) Don't spend a lot of money on the books initially. Kids are
absolute terrors to books. If they like them, they will read them to
death, literally. You cannot train this out of them. They won't grow
out of this until around 14 at best. When I noticed they took an
enspecial to one of my books (so that they would read it on their own
time), I learned to either buy a new one for myself or buy a cheap
readers copy for them.

2) Start reading books with that are mainly pictures.
When your child is almost able to form sentences, start reading Mother
Goose (perhaps a sturdy board book with cartoon illustratons of
animals). Put a tune to each rhyme. Eventually, you will be able to
point to the rhyme and she will read it to you (sing, actually).
Around 3 or four, you can graduate to Shel Silverstein and Eugene

3) Although we want our kids to appreciate the classics. Have lots of
books around that they can hope to learn to read on their own. PD
Eastman is not Shakespeare, but "Are You My Mother?" is a story a 3
year old can easily follow and learn to read on her own.

I said:
> Also, the graphic novels by Jim Fitzgerald on the myths of Ireland.

That's Jim FitzPATRICK.

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