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Thanks for reposting - I missed them the first time. Regarding #2, as
someone who struggles with time management myself, I wonder where he managed
to fit what must have been a lot of reading in between his sleeping,
writing, working, parenting, and eating (among other things) schedule...


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> Well, I posted some before recently but....
> 1. Plan to write no more than 10 minutes a day, at least at the
> beginning. If you do that, you will always talk about "the novel I am
> writing" rather than "the novel I once tried to write."
> 2. When I started writing, I would get up in the moring before
> everyone else and write for an hour, sometimes two. When my wife would
> bring me breakfast, I'd stop. I'd eat, get ready for the day and go to
> work. I'd come home and play with the kids or whatever, and then I'd
> go to bed early because I was going to do the whole thing again.
> 3. Start with the ending of your story and then slowly work backwards
> to how you got there. That way your plot will tend to lead to a
> satisfactory end. For example, a Cinderella is a poor girl who marries
> a prince. How do they meet? Well, maybe he has this shoe and he is
> going to marry the girl it fits? Well, why should it fit her? etc.
> 4. A good villain is someone who is *almost* a hero but falls just
> short of it. (examples given were Bill Reis and Typhon -- I think Wat
> is also a good example of what he's talking about)
> 5. If someone asks for advice about being a writer, I always tell them
> "don't do it", because if they can be deterred by that, then they
> shouldn't be a writer.
> 6. You should never read bad reviews if you can't help letting them
> affect you. I read them, but I don't let them have an effect on me or
> my emotions. But if you can't do that, you should just not read them.
> J.
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