(urth) On Pedophilia and Homosexuality

Nicholas nickjost at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 21 09:35:19 PDT 2010

Wolfe tends to use classical Christian and Greco-Roman perceptions of nature. As such there wouldn't be a great (and very post '70's) chasm between homosexuality and pedophillia. Badlanders in such an understanding is very interested in the attention of men (not so much "gay" as that is a modern construct). He's interested in men because they are like him and he is his own idol.

Seen in this light _all_ men have a tendancy to be sexually attracted to other men in some degree. Severian notices this, groks it, rejects it, and then accepts his first taste of Father hood. He loves as a man rather than an adolecent (in a moment that reminds me of Marcus Aurelius' reflections on the matter). That is he learns to love another rather than the image of himself, even through loss. Little Severian therfore prepares him to sacrifice for the good and further seperates him from Badlanders.


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