(urth) Not a film version but ... (was: Re: UotNS and how it screws with your head)

Gerry Quinn gerryq at indigo.ie
Thu Jul 29 00:51:16 PDT 2010

From: "Jane Delawney" <jane_delawney at sky.com>
> On 13/07/10 18:27, Gerry Quinn wrote:

>> Was thinking of this the other day.  BotNS could be adapted for a movie 
>> (perhaps animated) but the story would have to be simplified and spelled 
>> out much more than in the book.
>> Have any of Wolfe's works been made into screen versions?

> Don't know whether any have; but regarding BOTNS did you know that 
> Innovation attempted to produce a *comics* series back in 1993? I think it 
> was originally supposed to be a 12- issue limited series (that would have 
> covered vol. 1, Shadow, only, as far as I know).
> Only 3 issues actually made it on to the newsstands. Although there was 
> some interesting artwork in there (The Matachin Dance made it on to the 
> page pretty impressively) and the script was apparently approved by Wolfe 
> himself, the whole thing was so compressed as to be unsatisfying to the 
> Wolfe/BOTNS fan, and consequently so dense that the average X-men fanboy 
> would have found it incomprehensible and left it on the shelf.

Interesting.  I wonder if it might have worked better with lossier 

- Gerry Quinn

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