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Uh, I don't think so. Most of the people Sev found on Ushas after he
returned there from the stone town were the decendants of the sailors on the
Ship who had lost the fight with Sev and the eidolons right after the sham

     I said, "Not knowing fire or anything else," and as I
spoke I recalled what the young officer had reported: that
Hierodules had landed a man and woman on the grounds
of the House Absolute. Remembering that, it was simple
enough to guess who my priest's forebears had been--the
sailors routed by my memories had paid for their defeat
with their pasts, just as I would have lost the future of my
descendants had my own past been defeated. (URTH, 369)

I conceed that I misremembered the passage and forgot that the Ushas people
were descended from the sailors.  That said, it isn't clear to me that this
is inconsistent with my hypothesis--Severian knows about "a man and woman,"
not a general decamping of the humans on the Ship.  Maybe the humans from
the Ship were screened genetically?

(I recognize that this sounds like speculation, but we do *know* that the
Hierogrammates are running a breeding program.  I'm trying to square their
actions with that.)



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