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Fri Jul 9 13:58:06 PDT 2010

>Lane Haygood- At least, that' what I got from the demons' (in E&G)
>talk about attempting to "poison the seed" via Jahi (the serpent? I
>think Jahi means "serpent of fire" in Japanese, but my Japanese is rusty).
I think the name Jahi in E & G is a reference to the Persian/Zorastrian 
goddess/demon of that name. She is known for lasciviousness and as a
"polluting whore" and the source of the menstrual curse on
She is cognate to the Judeo-Kabbalistic personage named Lilith whose
mating with Adam was also thought to be corrupting and the source of
many demons, lamia/snake women, the origin of vampires etc. etc.
I think this allusion supports the rest of your post rather well 
(more than the Japanese, I mean). Not to mention the character
Jahlee in Short Sun...... 		 	   		  
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