(urth) Severians Later Appearance (Spoilers)

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Fri Jan 15 09:13:17 PST 2010

Ehh...okay, but I'm not convinced.

Incidentally, understanding that the Rajan is time-traveling through
Viron makes viable my personal opinion about the identity of
Hyacinth's "father" (an employee at the Juzgado whom Silk mentions
that he met with but whom never makes an "on-screen" appearance--even
at the wedding). It was the Rajan again. Silk's mother wanted him to
take that career path rather than the priesthood, and he himself muses
that that he should have gone that way. So the Rajan takes advantage
of dream-travel to finally realize that hope.

And that is why Wolfe played peak-a-boo with this apparently
significant character.


> I absolutely agree about the explanation of the "ghost of Patera Pike,"
>[it was the Rajan from the Short Sun] but
> Pike need not be another clone for this to work. Silk saw the older
> astral-projected Silk only briefly, under a single light at the top of the
> stairs, and from bottom to top as he came up the stairs. The calotte seems
> to have been eye-concealing under these lighting conditions. (Silk selected
> the calotte for his burglary at Blood's because it would "supply a certain
> concealment" even if his straw hat blew off).
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