(urth) Severians Later Appearance (Spoilers)

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Well that not only answers the question but obliterates it! Well done. 

I didn't know Silk/Horn was Malrubius. Pray continue ...


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David Stockhoff wrote:

> > Why would Silk/Horn be part of Severian's story of his rise to the throne/ascent to godhood?
> >
> >
Isn't he a significant part of the story? Nobody has mentioned that
Silk/Horn is identified by Severian as Malrubius. Indeed, the aquastor
Malrubius of the BOTNS is probably strongly influenced by the memories of
Silk/Horn as opposed to what the man himself was like. If Severian made no
distinction between them, his promise to write nothing about Silk/Horn was a
lie, as we would expect from him.

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