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David Stockhoff wrote:

> One thing that a correspondence scheme can do here is confirm the primary
> "meaning" or point of each chapter---to tell us what to look out for, what
> is important. Since the Tarot is a system for organizing and transmitting
> esoteric knowledge, I never doubted that Wolfe was very familiar with it
> indeed. And the version he presents in TCITGT is helpful.
> For example: I wondered about how to connect the Star and werewolves.
> But Wolfe says Star = "Magna Mater of the Old Cult." As readers of the
> Soldier novels know, this means lycanthropy. So Dave's elucidation of
> lycanthropy as the major plot point or introduction of that chapter pair is
> confirmed.
> I didn't know Temperance could be Time. Watch out for that ...
Another approach is to associate Tarot symbols with prominent characters and
objects and see how far we can go, and how well the matches align with
chapters containing them.

 0 Fool -- Bax in the beginning
 1 Magician -- Madame Orizia
 2 High Priestess -- Doris
 3 Empress -- Martha Murrey
 4 Emperor -- Mr. Black
 5 Hierophant -- the man who gave Bax fish?
 6 Lovers -- Bax with Doris and Winkle
 7 Chariot -- the car
 8 Justice -- the justice system, Finn
 9 Hermit -- Kiki
10 Wheel of Fortune -- the triannulus
11 Strength -- George
12 Hanged Man -- Bax waiting, hung up at first
13 Death -- Nicholas
14 Temperance/Time -- chapters with time warping
15 Devil -- the dwarf, also "Old Nick"
16 Tower -- Goldwurm's tower
17 Star -- Lupine
18 Moon -- Winkle
19 Sun - Bax as detective, getting clarity
20 Judgment -- the battle royale
21 World -- final chapter with success and a world tour
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