(urth) Wolfe at Dragon*Con (Other stuff I've remembered)

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 08:43:17 PDT 2009

Wolfe said that "Shadow of the Torturer" had a really good cover because the 
publisher didn't expect much from it. As more success was expected from each 
volume, the art director got more and more involved and, therefore, the 
covers got worse and worse.
Before Wolfe's first panel on Saturday, I stepped up and re-introduced 
myself from WindyCon (I ate lunch with him and, as a friend reminds me, gave 
him my ice). He said "Oh! I remember you. I remember that grin. You have a 
very memorable grin." Then I got him to sign my copy of "Innocents Aboard". 
I told him that I *loved* that collection (which is absolutely true). I 
asked him about the ending to "The Sailor That Followed the Sun". In the 
story, he claimed that the "ordinary looking star" was the only one in the 
Book of Am Tuat but the pictures in W.A. Budge's explanation of that book 
have them all over the place. I told him I thought he was absolutely right 
to have the star be the sun since it probably designates astronomical 
entities that are on the ecliptic.  But I didn't understand why he said it 
was the only one in the book. His reaction was "Hmmm...I thought it was the 
only one there."

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