(urth) AEG: Rian's mother

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Thu Oct 8 21:03:06 PDT 2009

James Wynn quoted and wrote:
> > I agree this is as plausible as the Pavlatos case. I'm still troubled
> > Sharon Bench knows both Rian and his mother fairly well. (She knows that
> > Rian is "too brave" for example, and charges Cassie to protect their
> > privacy (pp. 25-26). If Cassie/Rian's Mama is keeping in the background,
> > why reconnect with anyone who knew her in the past? It seems like a
> > thing to do.
> Furthermore, if Sharon Bench knows Ms Pavlatos, is it believable she would
> not say "Hey! Cassie looks almost just like Pavlatos"? I mean, Ms Pavlatos
> cannot be Cassie at more than 20 years in the future. This makes her 55 at
> the extreme.

In this version of a time-travel theory, Cassie is Rian's mother and
Pavlatos Bill's second wife. Sharon seems to know or know of Rian's mother,
but I know of nothing to indicate that Sharon knew Pavlatos.


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